Lisbon – City of Light. Whitewashed facades in the old town district of Alfama below the Castelo de São Jorge make the city shine. Elaborately painted white and light blue wall tiles, the world-famous azulejos, shine on the walls - evidence of the highest quality craftsmanship. The city rises on seven hills on the Tejo River, through which the characteristic, time-honored tram chugs along narrow streets. History, modernity and urbanity come together in Lisbon in a very special architectural way.

The Nostalgia Collection translates this tension into fashion. Four iconic women's suits, a cashmere blazer and a trench coat with unmistakably strong shapes that combine the best of the classic elegance of the past, the avant-garde of the moment and the high demands of the future. Their names are Diana, Marlene, Grace, Coco and Kate - the Nostalgia Collection is not just a monument to the strong women who changed the world. It translates their strength and elegance into fashionable today and tomorrow. Oversized pieces with strong character mixed with ultra-feminine elements, combined in the highest quality. A collection that allows for a “mix & match” in different shapes and colors, but where each individual piece stands on its own and can be combined with streetwear. “There is no outfit in which I feel as strong, sexy and sophisticated at the same time as in the perfect suit,” says Viky Rader. “My personal highlight of the collection is the “Grace” suit. I was always looking for the perfect white suit with a cut that was so cool that you could wear it during the day or evening and whose material impressed me.”

The materials, from the finest virgin wool to 100% cashmere, complete the strong looks into luxurious, timeless it-pieces of tomorrow. In order to meet the critical sustainability requirements of “Luxury meets Awareness”, all production processes are designed by the fair fashion expert 1ofakind. The high-end fabrics are deliberately sourced as reclaimed fabrics from the Munich fashion house, which sources their fabrics as remaining stock from the finest twisting mills in Italy (Loro Piana). The shared awareness of quality and values ​​in a transparent circular fashion approach led to the decision to have the collection sewn by hand in Portugal at the traditional tailoring shop Diniz & Cruz. 50 years of tradition and know-how and a supply chain that relies entirely on overland routes: fashion touches and fashion tells stories. This applies to the wearer as well as to the producer.