Fall/Winter 2021


Diana, Marlene, Grace, Coco and Kate: Images immediately exist in your head. Images of strong women who changed the world and, in their own nonchalance, irrevocably influenced the fashion world. The Nostalgia Collection by Viky Rader not only sets a monument to these women, it translates their strength and elegance into fashionable today and tomorrow.

Four iconic women's suits and a trench coat with unmistakably strong shapes that combine the best of the classic elegance of the past, the avant-garde of the moment and the high demands of the future represent the design debut "Nostalgia Collection" by Viky Rader. "There is no outfit "In which I feel as strong, sexy and <sophisticated> at the same time, like in the perfect suit," says Viky Rader. These suits are not only inspired by the fashion icons of different decades but also bring exactly the modern twist that fashionista Viky Rader stands for: characterful oversized pieces mixed with ultra-feminine elements, combined in the highest quality. A collection concept that allows for a “mix & match” in four different shapes and colors, but where each individual piece stands on its own and can be combined with streetwear. The common denominator of all parts of the collection is, on the one hand, the product quality of the suits made of wool, wool-cashmere and 100% cashmere, and also the transparent circular fashion approach under which the collection is produced in Portugal. “I wanted to bring the elegance of the past into the cool of the present, creating suits that could be worn both day and night. “Basically, it is a piece of clothing that allows us to appear fashionable without having to hide behind a trend,” says Viky about the timeless it-pieces of tomorrow.