To make you look amazing.

With outstanding pieces made 100% from available resources.

Produced only in Europe.

More than good looking and of course: in high luxury quality.

All our pieces are absolutely timeless and always one trend ahead.

"The only thing that looks good on you is me."

“Hey, guys - let‘s do fashion. But let‘s do it differently.”

- Viky Rader 

Viky Rader Studio is a high fashion brand for circular fashion. Founded in 2020 by fashionista and crazy mum Viktoria Rader and this is, what we reached so far: 


In the past years – the high-fashion-industry overproduced fabrics for the next 10-12 years. This is why we only use high quality fabrics from NOS-Stocks (“Never-out-of-Stock”) and Dead-Stocks. This means: no newly produced fabrics in our collections, not even in a single piece.


Every single clothing is produced in Europe, mainly Italy or Portugal. We keep our supply chain transparent and as short as possible.


No big deal – we work only with family-owned factories. We know every single manufacturer and visit them for every new collection. We make sure that the working conditions on site are optimal for the workers. Because: only those who love their job deliver perfect results.


You pay for it – you deserve it. We really give everything to offer you the highest quality, the best look and of course a product which will always be one trend ahead – no matter in what season or occasion you wear it.