About Us


“Every garment is woven 100% from the treasures already within our grasp.”

-Viky Rader


Vision & Mission

The founder, Viktoria Rader, is a former international model and has worked for all well-known high fashion brands in her past. She wore a lot, saw a lot and appreciated a lot, but also questioned some aspects, such as the fast pace and excessive consumption of fashion.

With her own fashion brand Viky Rader Studio, she fulfilled her dream of owning her own label in 2020, always with a quiet voice in her head that asks us all whether we should produce anything at all, considering the ecological dilemma we find ourselves in .

Your answer to that is “yes”. Because she and her team really do things differently: timeless instead of fast-moving, iconic instead of transitory, sustainable instead of wasteful. Viky Rader Studio is a tribute to the return to a higher appreciation for fashion and of course starts with production.

Circular fashion

We believe that you can't do anything these days without thinking about the future. And we firmly believe that fashion can be more than a short-term trend. Our commitment to circular fashion means we are committed to minimizing the environmental impact of our products.

We rely on recycled materials, upcycled fabrics and carry out regular quality controls to ensure that each of our creations is not only stylish, but also good for the environment.

For this reason, we know all of our partners, regularly visit the factory in Portugal ourselves and attach great importance to the fair and sustainable production of our collections. We work day and night to make you look stunning. With designs that are not only made by hand, but above all with respect and responsibility for our resources.

Featuring outstanding pieces produced from deadstock fabrics by luxury designers in Europe. Real capsule must-haves for modern, self-confident women with which they can face any situation and stylistic challenge.


"Let's do fashion. But let's do it differently"

Made from materials that meet the highest quality standards, from the finest virgin wool to 100% cashmere. Many of our fabrics are deadstock garments from the remaining stocks of the finest twisting mills in Italy, such as Loro Piana. Our iconic pieces combine everything in one: the classic elegance of the eighties, the avant-garde of the moment and the demands of the future.

All of our parts are developed and designed by Viky Rader in our showroom and office in Munich, with great attention to detail.